Professional Photography


Professional photography is not only for large luxury homes. Regardless of the price-point and square footage of your listing, professional photography is essential. With almost all real estate searches starting on-line, is probably everyone's starting point. Your listing is competing with thousands of others for the buyer’s attention. There is only a few seconds for a buyer to decide if your listing gets 'clicked' on or not. We believe that the cost of using professional photography far out-weighs the cost of having a listing on the market too long.


Once we have completed taking photos of your listing, our job isn't done. Every photo captured during the shoot will go through an extensive multi-step post-production process. Elements such as exposure, colour correctness, contrast etc., are all variables that are analyzed and edited during this phase of the process. See the examples below for the BEFORE and AFTER results.


Professional Photography Helps You Get Future Listings

Using professional photography is more than just selling your current listing. It's about marketing you, the realtor. By using professional photography, you are building your brand and credibility in the marketplace.

Excel At The Listing Presentation

Besides showing up with your CMA in hand, you need to have the best marketing materials with you, this includes past listing tools (JL/JS, brochures etc.) Be sure to tell the prospective client that you use professional photography to market and sell their biggest asset.