Ramsin Khachi’s Reno

This past summer, QStudios had the opportunity to photograph celebrity designer Ramsin Khachi’s latest project – his own personal home! Ramsin’s plan was to purchase a home, renovate it and flip it. The home is located in South East Oakville, steps away from downtown Oakville.  The home has been profiled in many magazines, newspapers and on CityLine where Ramsin has appeared numerous times.

Thanks to Ramsin and Kate S., from the Khachi Design Team

We would like to thank Ramsin, Kate S. and everyone from Khachi Design Group for giving us this great opportunity.

For more information:

Information about Ramsin’s Reno: http://www.khachi.com/tv/media/television?show=218

Khachi Design Group: http://www.khachi.com/

Currently, the home is listed for sale. For information about the listing:



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