When should you use a Professional Real Estate Photographer?

It’s been a while! In our last post we discussed how we’ve been called in several times to ‘fix’ listings where the amount of showings is less than expected.

This got us thinking…  When should you hire a professional photographer, and when is it okay not to?

We’ve talked about how important professional real estate photography is (after all, it’s our business). With the internet being the number one source for buyer research, it is so important that your pictures catch the eye of the potential buyer.

Here are the top three reasons you need a professoinal:

1. The Right Equipment: Professionals photograhers use the proper equipment, ultra-wide angle lenses,  professional grade DSLR’s, proper lighting equipment as well as the industry standard post production software. Not only does the professional have the equipement, they also know how to use the equipment properly. Remember, buying Nike golf clubs doesn’t turn you into Tiger Woods.

2. Artistic and Technical Expertise:

Just like the scoring system in figure skating, photography has both a technical and artistic component to each photograph. In order to have a great picture, you need both.

Let’s start with the technical aspect. The experienced professional uses their skills to photograph a room properly. There are so many techniques that a photographer will use, but here is one example that anyone can relate to.  A professional understands how lighting affects your shot. The professional can take photos in all lighting conditions and the final results will be what you’d expect from a professional.

Artistically, a professional can angle the photo in such a way that makes the room look bigger, or will highlight the selling features of the home.

3. Online/Internet:

This point has been beaten to death. More buyers are starting their searches online. They can search through dozens of homes in a matter of minutes. You need excellent photos to keep that buyer from hitting the ‘back’ button.

Of course, here are the reasons when you should not hire a professional, and take the photos yourself:

1.  …
2.  …

and most importantly…
3. …

As you can see, there doesn’t seem to be any reason not to hire a professional photographer.  If cost is an issue, consider the cost of taking a listing, only to see it expire. Based on potential commission earned on the sale of the home, a professional photographer’s fee’s are only a fraction of the expenses that incur to sell/market your listing.  If you are an agent still taking your own photos, try giving a professional photographer a shot, you might be amazed at the results.

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