Would You Book a Listing Appointment to See This Home?

Picture yourself as a potential buyer looking for a new home. You’re searching through hundreds of homes online, trying to figure out which homes you want to see, and which ones will be a waste of time.

Take this home for instance:

Amateur Real Estate Photos

Photos from the listing real estate agent

These are your typical real estate agent photos.  How long would you spend looking at the images of this home before going to the next property?  Would you contact your agent to book a listing appointment? This is a great home. It’s a solidly built home.  It’s in a great neighbourhood, on a huge lot. But the above photos never got buyers to the home to see what it has to offer.

After not getting any showings, we were called in to re-shoot the home. Below is the same home, but the photos are taken one of our professional photographers.

What are your thoughts about the home now?

On several occasions we have been contacted to help ‘fix’ a listing that has turned bad. More often than not, it centred around bad photos which lead to little or no showings.

Why risk the relationship with your client?  Treat all of your listings (from the small condo, to the multi-million dollar estate) with the same service and professionalism by hiring a professional photographer.

And the outcome of this home? It sold!!!